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June 20, 2008


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Spinach is widely known because of the famous character “Popeye the Sailor”.  Spinach is probably one of the best healthy leafy vegetables since it contains high level of iron as compared to other vegetables. Spinach IS rich source of iron.  That is the main reason why it is considered as a herbs treatment for anaemia in China.  It is also considered as a good herbal medicine for gout and kidney stone patients.

Spinach has 3 times more vitamin C contents than an average vegetable.  However, children does not like to eat spinach at all.  Its bitterness is due to the oxalic acid causing the formation of calculus. 


Calcium Method

Oxalic acid grows independently and does not have a bitter taste.  Only during the stimulation with the saliva will it produce its bitter taste.  So how do we reduce its bitterness?  The answer – calcium.  Our experiment – we blended raw spinach with milk and surprisingly, did not taste as bitter at all! At the same time, it also increses its nutritional value.

Oil Method

Another way to reduce its bitterness is by adding oil when cooking spinach.  Olive oil is best for spinach salad.  For salad dressing, you can use mayonnaise, olive oil, milk, yogurt and shrimps.

Boiling, Stewing or Steaming

Another way of getting rid of the spinach’s bitterness is thru boiling or steaming.  Except, its nutritional values will gradually decrease.

Results of nutritional residue left after boiling or steaming :-
Boiling (1 minute) : Oxalic acid = 62% ; vitamin C = 46%
Steaming (1 minute) : Oxalic acid = 96% ; vitamin C = 70%
Microwave oven (700w 40 seconds) : Oxalic acid = 94% ; vitamin C = 49%
Frying (1 minute) : Oxalic acid = 85% ; vitamin C = 72%

Why are we recommending spinach?

It is because it makes your bones and muscles strong and cleanse your blood. Also a herbal remedy for anaemia.  You can cook spinach similar to other vegetables.  It is tasty to add garlic, ginger, fish, shrimp, or even chicken to suit your taste. Why dont you try it yourself?



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